Domux Home

Traveling in style

A collection of unique destinations

A new concept of hospitality. Freedom, style, confidentiality and experience are the key values of the Domux Home selection. This refined collection of elegant destinations is for customers who look for uniqueness, something more and something different in their home and in the city.

Finding home
wherever you are.

Our collection consists of several residential solutions featuring different styles, in four extraordinary Italian cities. Not places to stay but places to live. Experience the city, its culture and its lifestyle.

Design, luxury, functionality and comfort, the relationship with the city and with urban spaces that are ambassadors of culture and lifestyle. Every element is carefully designed to make you feel welcome. Your personality is free to feel at home.

Whether you’re a knowledge worker or an explorer, whether you’re on a business trip, a romantic getaway, an adventure with friends, a full immersion to discover cultural treasures, or you’re a slow traveler and want to enjoy every minute of your journey,

Domux Home makes your dreams come true, turning them into a memorable experience.