A duo above the city

Two-room apartment, Milan

A unique apartment overlooking Milan’s skyline

Milanese elegance and authenticity


This two-bedroom apartment is designed to enjoy the Milanese lifestyle and seize the business opportunities that arise and change every day. It provides comfort, speed and adaptive intelligence for knowledge workers, and charm, uniqueness and dynamism to leisure travelers, to experience the local lifestyle and enjoy a memorable stay with a striking view of Milan’s skyline.

Expertly restored, the elegant fixed furnishings like built-in wardrobes, handles and finishes are faithful to the original BBPR design.

The apartment’s cozy living room features a comfortable relaxation area decorated with unique pieces and illuminated with large, enchanting lights that create a perfect atmosphere that will make you fall in love at once.

Liquid interior and exterior spaces

Fluid spaces create immediate connections between the dining area and the kitchen, artfully decorated with modern furniture, bookcases and accessories to offer you an amazing living experience. This apartment has a spectacular double window that overlooks the city and a functional loggia next to a dreamy bedroom to enjoy a fluid connection between inside and outside on sunny days and grey days alike.

Comfort & services

  • Two beds
  • Air conditioning
  • Wi - Fi
  • Safe deposit box
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Espresso machine, tea set
  • Sofa/bed
  • Private bathroom
  • Courtesy kit, hairdryer
  • TV Flat Screen HD
  • Sky TV, Film and international TV channels


Designed in the 1950s by BBPR, one of Italy’s leading architecture firms of the 20th century, Torre Velasca is a 106 meter tall building featuring high levels of functionality, liveability and prestige.

Torre Velasca

The privilege of the impossible

Enjoy design,
experience the iconic

Live in the very heart of Milan, and watch it from a unique point of view, higher than all others.
This is Torre Velasca, a unique building, an icon of architecture and Milanese style, a symbol of Italy worldwide, in the historic city center and a short walk from the Duomo.

Unique apartments overlook the Duomo, with a view of old-time Milan with a new skyline. And its unmistakable charm. .

Walking along Via Larga, Corso Italia and Corso di Porta Romana the spectacular profile of this building has always attracted and fascinated passers-by.

As you get closer to the Tower, you will be wowed by a variety of details, big and small: the texture of materials, the colors and the refined patterns on the façades. Then you look up and see the upper volume that bulges at the top, supported by tie-beams and struts, which houses the Luxury Apartments Collection by Domux Home on the 19th, 20th and 21st floors.

Living in Torre Velasca is an affordable privilege.