Multilayer experience & multiplayer interaction

Milan offers a broad range of experiences, a universal welcome and endless enjoyment, in which everyone can unleash their creativity and imagination.

Milan is the only bustling city where I would like to lose myself and stay as long as possible. Just another fashion show, another concert, another exhibition, another aperitivo, another round of everything

It’s early in the morning and today I’ll skip breakfast on my terrace in Torre Velasca – the only place where I can feel like touching the spires of the Duomo – and take a walk along Corso di Porta Romana. A tram passes by, slowly. I love the way it screeches on the tracks. History is the cradle of modernity.

In just 4 minutes, I’m at the counter at Panarello’s. They know me already, and serve me a coffee and a cannoncino, the traditional puff pastry horn – happiness is in details. In the meantime, the city is waking up.

Before going to the Museo del Novecento in Piazza del Duomo – with more than 4000 20th-century Italian artworks – I’ll visit the Basilica of Santa Maria dei Miracoli in San Celso, on Corso Italia, which is just a 9-minute walk from here. They call it the church of brides. It is a hidden, little known place. Milan is dotted with enchanting spots that you can’t find on maps, but shine with a sophisticated, romantic aura.

Car to Go is getting me to the Rossano Orlandi Gallery, “A timeless universe, the beating heart of a city that is nourished by art and design”.

Milan is Europe’s major design district, where hybrid cultural sites are born.

I’ll grab something to eat now. I’m going to Peck’s, a traditional deli – the best in town – on Via Orefici since 1883. Fresh pasta, specialties sold by weight, and many delicacies to eat on site or at home. The atmosphere is amazing, and the food is even better.

Before continuing my tour in the afternoon, I’ll take a 30 minute relaxing break in Torre Velasca: 21st floor, in my living room with a stunning panoramic view. The feeling of exclusivity is enchanting.

I still want to look around the streets of the historic city center. My itinerary passes through three special, little-known squares: Piazza Sant’Alessandro, Largo Richini, Piazza Santo Stefano. There’s so much life, so much youth, so much beauty.

No shopping today; last time I went to the alternative boutiques and fine quality shops at Porta Ticinese. Milan is the only place where you can find such a select choice.

I’ll go straight to the event organized by the University of Milan.

I’m dining at Wicky’s Wicuisine on Corso Italia, with top quality fusion cuisine that goes back to the roots of the human relationship to food.

I will eat lightly, cause the night is going to be long. We’ll start at Frank’s, and then head for the H CLUB. And I will go on until morning, when I will lose myself watching the dawn on Piazza Duomo, together with the world.

A land of cloisters, young minds, art and culture, and a melting pot of generations and disciplines.